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2PM -> Hands Up

I love this and I just cannot stop listening to it!


Credit: JYP Ent, 2PM


Sunny Hill -> Prayer

The songs is brilliant and so are the vocals of these girls… but the music video is a bit… well… see for yourself. It has great impact and is a bit creepy, but anyway it is great!


Credit: Loen Ent, Sunny Hill

My Posters & CDs

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Kim Jang Hoon & Kim Heechul release full track for “Breakups Are So Typical of Me”

Before Super Junior’s Kim Heechul departed for the army, he recorded a final song with veteran artist Kim Jang Hoon titled “Breakups Are So Typical of Me“.

“Breakups Are So Typical of Me” is the first song in Kim Jang Hoon’s new musical series, which aims to release three different songs under the “12 And Over Project“. Choosing Kim Heechul as his first duet partner, Kim Jang Hoon explained why he decided to bring on the ‘big space star’. “It wasn’t just because I was close with Kim Heechul,” said Kim Jang Hoon. “I wanted to show everyone his hidden vocal talent and ability.”

I really like this song! Well done Heechul! 😀

Super Junior unleashes “A-Cha” MV

The boys are back with a hot new video for their follow-up track, “A-Cha“!

Though they’re only promoting with eight members, all 10 could be found in the video. Leeteuk had previously promised, “There’s a lot of anticipation running amongst us because this song is of a genre that Super Junior hasn’t tried yet. Instead of autotune, there are refreshing adlibs placed throughout the song that show a bit more of Super Junior’s vocal talent.”

It’s not just their vocal talents that got showcased in this video, but sharp dancing skills and trendy fashion as well.

Check out their MV below!

One word – DAEBAK!!!
SARANGHAE Super Junior 😀

Leeteuk thanks his fans with receipts?

Super Junior‘s leader, Leeteuk showed his appreciation towards his fans through the revelation of a special receipt picture.

On September 22nd, Leeteuk shared the above photo and tweeted, “I love all our fans that bought this many of our CDs” and added, “To the fans in China, I hope you guys received our new album. Thank you.”

Leeteuk collected a lot of receipts, rolled them up, tied them off with ribbons, and placed them in the shape of a heart as a thank you gift for his fans.

Netizens who came across this tweet commented, “I can’t believe he thought of making an ornament out of receipts“, “Lee Teuk is the best for making a heart ornament out of this. This has to be the best gift given to fans“.

Can’t believe Leeteuk even got the time to do this! It’s such a sweet thank you gift! 😀

Source & Photo: Newsen

Netizens praise Super Junior’s Donghae as an ‘angel’

Super Junior‘s Donghae has been receiving praise for his kind heart.

Recently on Twitter, someone put out a desperate call asking for help. She tweeted, “An unni I know is suffering from acute osteomyelodysplasia, but it’s recently gotten much worse. In addition, she doesn’t match any of her siblings, so she can’t receive bone-marrow transplant from them, and will have to under go surgery. She is also undergoing anti-cancer treatment and this surgery will not be covered by insurance, so she is having a really tough time. In order to keep receiving blood transfusions, she needs a lot of blood donor cards! Please help ㅠㅠ.” (In Korea, a person with a blood donor card is able to receive one unit of blood free of charge)

Donghae happened to see her tweet while browsing on Twitter, and responded, “Hello, this is Super Junior’s Donghae. I’m contacting you after seeing your message. This is about the blood donor card, so if you could tell me your phone number, I’ll be in touch.”

Touched by his message, the girl responded expressing her gratitude and revealed that she happened to be a fan. This exchange caught the attention of the Korean Red Cross, who tweeted, “Wow.. Donghae, you are so cool”.

Netizens seeing Donghae’s kind gesture commented, “Donghae, you are an angel,” “He is so kind hearted!” and “You’ve inspired me to do the same.”

Isn’t this the reason we love them so much!!!

Source: Donghae, melodynletter, Korean Red Cross Twitter accounts

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk Picked as a Rising Variety Show Entertainer by KBS’ Producer

Super Junior's Eunhyuk Picked as a Rising Variety Show Entertainer by KBS' Producer

Super Junior member Eunhyuk received a call from KBS‘ producer, Na Young Suk, who is the producer for 1 Night and 2 Days variety show. He was picked as the most wanted as a variety show entertainer.

She also stated: “I would like to work with Eunhyuk because of his pure heart and how nicely he treats people. He gets harsh criticism from his group members saying that he isn’t better looking that them but i’m sure he has a valuable potential to work as a rising variety show entertainer”

After Kang Ho Dong’s unfortunately temporary leave of the entertainment industry, she also stated that 1 Night and 2 Days will wrap up with the existing members, so probably there’s no chance for Eunhyuk to be casted on the show.

Netizens also commented and showed their support for Eunhyuk, “It would be great if Eunhyuk comes out on 1 Night and 2 days”, “Eunhyuk finally has shown his potential value as an entertainer”.

Well done Eunhyuk!! ❤ 😀


Super Junior’s Sungmin breaks his pure image on ‘Best Couple’

On a recent recording of E Channel‘s ‘Best Couple‘, Super Juniors Sungmin suffered some slight embarrassment while eating cream sauce spaghetti for the show.

He had already been met with some embarrassment in the first episode of the show when he desperately asked producers to pause the recording because he was in a rush for the bathroom.  The embarrassment continues in the upcoming second episode, as a new game involved eating cream sauce spaghetti didn’t turn out all that clean for Sungmin.

Sungmin’s known as the pure, innocent member of Super Junior in particular, so even producers were said to have been cautious of him ruining his image with the game.  That didn’t stop his focus, though, as he went right on eating messily.

Judging from the teaser alone, it’s an episode fans won’t want to miss on September 21st!

Although I do think he hasn’t lost his image because he still looks cute and innocent while eating!!

Source + Photos: Donga via Naver