K-pop is very important to me. After my friends introduced to me, I haven’t stopped loving it! Here are my favourite bands (in no specific order as I could never do that!)

1. Super Junior -> The 15 member band. You can read about them on their own page on this blog. Favourite songs include: No Other, Super Girl, Perfection, Boom Boom, Don’t Don.


2. Girls’ Generation -> Also known as SNSD. They are also managed by SM Ent. The group consists of 9 members. Favourite songs: Gee, Oh, Run Devil Run, Genie.

3. DBSK -> Also known as TVXQ!, this was a band of five members, Hero, Max, Micky, U-Know and Xiah. But now, Micky, Hero and Xiah have left and TVXQ! only has Max and U-Know left. Favourite songs: Mirotic, Keep Your Head Down. Members left to right: Xiah, Mickey, Hero, Max, U-Know.


4. f(x) -> A girl group of 5 members, Amber, Victoria, Krystal, Sulli, and Luna. They are also with SM Ent. Favourite songs: Danger, Nu ABO, LA chA TA, Gangsta Boy. Members left to right: Sulli, Amber, Krystal, Victoria, Luna.

5. CN Blue -> I love these guys. Their name means ‘Code Name Burning Lovely Untouchable Emotional’ Each member is one letter of the ‘Blue’. The leader Yonghwa (21 years old), is the rhythm guitarist and vocalist. He is Emotional. Jonghyun (21 years old) is the lead guitarist and a vocalist. He is Burning. Minhyuk (19 years old) is the drummer and a backing vocalist. He is Lovely. Jungshin is the maknae (19 years old) and is the bassist and a backing vocalist. He is Untouchable. Favourite songs: Intuition, I’m a Loner, Sweet Holiday (Actually all of them. They don’t have a song I dislike!) Members left to right: Jungshin, Jonghyun, Yonghwa, Minhyuk.

6. 2NE1 -> A group with 4 girls- CL (who is the leader), Bom, Dara and Minzy (youngest). They are with YG Entertainment and their debut was a song called ‘Lollipop’ and joint with BIG BANG they sung Lollipop which was a CF for a phone. It is a catching song and 2NE1 made an impact from this song. Favourite songs: Go Away, Clap Your Hands, Lonely, I Don’t Care. Members left to right: CL, Bom, Minzy, Dara.


7. SHINee -> Another group with SM Ent. This group consists of 5 members- Onew, Key, Taemin, Minho and Jonghyun. Favourite songs: Hello, Lucifer, Ring Ding Dong. Members left to right: Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho, Key.

8. Zhang Li Yin-> Zhang Li Yin is a single artist and she has had some brilliant songs with brilliant videos to go with them, although sad (but I think that probably because Siwon, Hangeng and Donghae are in them). She is also with SM Ent. Favourite songs: Timeless, I Will.

9. BIG BANG -> This is a group of 5 boys that are with YG Entertainment. The members are T.O.P, Taeyang, G-Dragon, Daesung and Seungri. Favourite songs: Haru Haru, Lollipop (feat. 2NE1)

10. FT ISLAND -> It stands for Five Treasure Island as there are five members, Lee Hongki, Lee Jae Jin, Choi Jong Hun, Choi Min Hwan and Song Seung Hyun. Favourite Songs: Hello Hello, Bad Girl, I Hope.

  1. OMG Milkroll, you’re blog is looking AMAZING! You’ve put a lot of effort in this KPOP page, it shows how much you are dedicated to KPOP and Super Junior!!! Keep it up! ^^

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