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Skip Beat Ep 1 Eng Sub [4-8]

Here are the remaining parts of the first episode of Skip Beat!

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

Part 8:

Credit: (as before)


AKB48: Special Flying

Credit: AKB48 Channel

Leeteuk’s Uncontrollable Body

I know i’m posting a lot of Leeteuk videos today but they are too funny not to share!!!

Credit: ttengy

[Variety Show] Cartoon KAT-TUN

Cartoon KAT-TUN is a variety show and is absolutely hilarious! They have a new celebrity guest each episode and give them Q100 (100 questions) to know them better. These question often include childhood photos, best impression, and something about the KAT-TUN members depending on the guest. They also have a game of Darts Bingo with another guest and in episode 5 they play against Avril Lavigne.

First episode part 1:

[Japanese band] KAT-TUN

Recently I have become addicted to KAT-TUN’s songs, a Japanese band with 6 (now 5) members!

The current members:

Top left to right: Kazuya Kamenashi, Koki Tanaka, Yuichi Nakamaru

Bottom left to right: Junnosuke Taguchi, Tatsuya Ueda

Previous member: Jin Akanishi

Here are some of my favourite songs by KAT-TUN:

Sweet Chains:

Run For You (Live):

Whit Christmas:

Real Face:

No More Pain (N.M.P)


Happy Birthday Henry!

Credit: HenrylauFP

MBLAQ-> Mona Lisa

I love this song!


Credit: jtunecamp

2PM -> Hands Up

I love this and I just cannot stop listening to it!


Credit: JYP Ent, 2PM

Sunny Hill -> Prayer

The songs is brilliant and so are the vocals of these girls… but the music video is a bit… well… see for yourself. It has great impact and is a bit creepy, but anyway it is great!


Credit: Loen Ent, Sunny Hill

U-Kiss Neverland 2nd Album

Okay, here’s Take Me Away and On The Floor. Take Me Away is so nice, Kevin’s voice is like heaven, so enjoy!

05. Take Me Away

06. On The Floor

Videos from:

Thanks to: MrGatita1000