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Vistors to milkroll!

WOW! Thanks! Here are screen shots of where you guys come from and what percentage it makes up of milkroll’s views!


South America:






These ‘sorry’ posts are getting repetitive…

Sorry! (again!)…my posts are getting longer pauses between each to which I am sorry… BUT!

Tomorrow, I am posting photos of the Super Junior and U-Kiss Albums I got for christmas as well as the Super Junior posters I got as well!

This is, unfortunately, late (I intended to post them straight after christmas) but JuicySushi insists I post them, so they are going up tomorrow!

Look forward to it! The albums are brilliant!

P.S-> I’ll also post photos of my previous CNBLUE and MissA Albums and posters!


I know, I know… I haven’t posted anything since October and for that I am really sorry!!! But today I’ll post some stuff for you!!!

milkroll xx

I’m sorry…

I’m so sorry… There are currently two people working on this blog, me and my friend (who has just started and is doing a great job so keep it up!), but I haven’t been posting anything in ages… I’m so sorry… I’ll get working straight away! Please continue to support us and we really thank you for it!

Happy Birthday Kibum!

It’s Kibum’s birthday today, so please check out the Super Junior Birthday page!

A little note to say…

I’m back! So posts will become more frequent! Thank you for supporting me!

Super Junior Exceeds 100,000 Sales In 2 Weeks

According to the Hanteo music chart, Super Junior’s fifth album ‘Mr. Simple‘ has exceeded 100,000 in sales since its release just two weeks ago.

It is currently ranked 2nd in Soribada, 4th in Melon and Bugs, and is doing well on other charts too.

The group’s undeniable visual appeal and impressive performance skills have also helped the corresponding music video to reach over 6.7 million views on YouTube.

Super Junior also won first place last week with “Mr. Simple” on’s ‘M! Countdown’ and on KBS’s ‘Music Bank’ as well.

Not only that, but fans have also been quite impressed with an MR-removed rendition of their performance from MBC Music Core‘.



I’m going on holiday today for two weeks and won’t be back until the 19th! There will only be a few posts during this time, as the place where we going doesn’t have free wi-fi (I think, if it does, then great!) I hope you’ll understand!

The Real SuJu Macro

I love this macro!

This is not mine.

A little note to say…..

Unfortunately, I’ll be going on holiday this Sunday, and won’t be back until Wednesday of next week, so there will be only one post per day which I have set up in advance. I hope you will enjoy these posts, and I’ll make up for it when I get back! I promise!