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Kim Jang Hoon & Kim Heechul release full track for “Breakups Are So Typical of Me”

Before Super Junior’s Kim Heechul departed for the army, he recorded a final song with veteran artist Kim Jang Hoon titled “Breakups Are So Typical of Me“.

“Breakups Are So Typical of Me” is the first song in Kim Jang Hoon’s new musical series, which aims to release three different songs under the “12 And Over Project“. Choosing Kim Heechul as his first duet partner, Kim Jang Hoon explained why he decided to bring on the ‘big space star’. “It wasn’t just because I was close with Kim Heechul,” said Kim Jang Hoon. “I wanted to show everyone his hidden vocal talent and ability.”

I really like this song! Well done Heechul! 😀


Strong Heart full episode with Super Junior [eng sub]

This was the last broadcast Heechul made, and he did it with all of Super Junior. The episodes (as there are two) very funny, especially the many times Ryeowook has a go at Eunhyuk…

Ep 1:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Ep 2:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6


Translated and subbed by: Jee & Reneee

Heechul makes Thank You video before he enlisted.

Heechul made this before he enlisted for the army. He says “”I would like to thank E.L.F for everything you’ve done for me and I will be back after two years.” Unfortunately there are no english sub so the translation is underneath…. but I hope you all will support him during his time in the army and he will be back to us in two years in good health!

Hello, this is Kim Heechul. I’ve been given the chance to greet you through this video message. By the time you get to watch this on the internet, I’ll probably already be working hard in training.

As you all know, I personally wanted to go in as quietly as I can, but the workers at the company were concerned that that would be a little disrespectful to all the fans who’ve loved and supported me. I think those words are right, though. It’d be sort of like, I’d suddenly disappear and everyone would ask ‘Where did Heechul go?!’ and then they’d be answered with, ‘Ahh, he’s already left for the army.’ I felt that fans would be a little sad in that respect, so I’m here sending my message through this video.

I’ll be turning 29 this year. It’s an older age compared to others, but due to an injured part of my body, I think I’ll be working at another place after my four weeks of training. It’s something that was definitely going to happen and it’s something everyone has to experience, so please don’t be too sad about it. After two years, I’ll still come back as the fun and cool ‘Big Space Star’ that I am today, so please keep liking me. If you end up liking someone else by then, well then, there’s not much I can do about that either, right? Haha. In these next two years I’ll make sure to work hard and take care of myself so that I’ll come back as the same person that I am today, or even at least with a more mature and adult-like image.

I think this is the first time I’ve said something like this. Our Super Junior’s fan club, ELFs, I really thank you. I’ve always been thankful and always loved you all. It’s only now that I’ve come out and expressed it. I love you, thank you!

Source:, SMTOWN

Photos emerge of Heechul in the Army

On September 1st, ELFs around the world bid farewell to Super Junior’s Kim Heechul as he stepped into a four-week training program to kick off his two-year military service.

Recently, pictures of Heechul in his army uniform surfaced online, causing fans to sigh with relief over Heechul’s smooth adjustment. The first picture shows the idol holding up his right hand as he pledges his military oath, while the second picture shows him confidently holding onto a gun, completely focused on his senior’s orders.

Commenting on his enlistment, Heechul expressed, “It’s still a bit unfamiliar, but I had already heard a lot of training stories from member Kang In, so I think I can do well.”

After his four weeks of mandatory training, Heechul will move onto completing 23 months as a public service personnel.


Super Junior are not accompanying Heechul to his enlistment

SM Entertainment has revealed that the members of Super Junior will not be accompanying fellow member Heechul’s enlistment at the Nonsan training camp on September 1st.

According to SM, the members will say their farewells to him at the dorm before his leave.  Considering that other singers usually accompany their members to the site, this piece of information comes as a surprise to fans.

As it turns out, Heechul specifically made the request himself.  He had told the members, “Don’t come out to greet me goodbye.” Due to his car accident in 2006, Heechul will be serving as a public service personnel instead of an active duty soldier, so he didn’t want his enlistment to be too over the top.

In addition, he’ll be back home after his four weeks of training is up, so he’ll only be away from his members for about a month before he’s allowed to attend his service from home.

Heechul will not be having a press conference at the scene of his enlistment and will be entering as quietly as possible.


Heechul Enlists

On September 1st, Super Junior’s Heechul thanked his fans and the press before formally enlisting with the army.

Hundreds of fans from all over the world crowded the entrance before his arrival. The star arrived wearing a hat, which he took off in order to greet his fans. With a bright smile, he began, “I wasn’t going to greet anyone before enlisting, but I think my haircut came out okay.”

He continued with a bow, “I’ll come back as an adult. Thank you so much for coming all the way out here. After making a cute pose for the cameras, he added, “Please edit the pictures nicely if you’re going to upload them!”

Although he stayed for only a brief moment, he made sure to wave to his fans before leaving the scene. Hundreds of fans shouted in unison, “Be well, we’ll wait for you until the end.” Some emotional fans couldn’t help but shed tears over his enlistment.

Heechul will be receiving four weeks of training at the Nonsan training camp before beginning his service as a member of the public service personnel for 23 months.


Heechul says ‘Thank You’ in a dozen languages to fans all over the world

On August 31st, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul tweeted “Thank you” in numerous languages to express his gratitude to his fans.

Written in English, Japanese, Arabic, Italian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai, French, Russian, German, Portuguese, Chinese, and Korean, the message threaded fans together from all over the world, as they all felt equal levels of love and sorrow for the star.

They commented, “I’m more thankful“, “I will continue to be your fan“, and “I will wait. Take care of your body and return safely.”

Kim Heechul will leave his celebrity life behind on September 1st to attend a four-week basic training camp, after which he will serve as a public service worker in the military.

Heechul, your humor and wit will be missed! Fighting!


Heechul sheds tears two days before his enlistment

Super Junior’s Heechul started to shed tears two days before his enlistment.

On the August 30th episode of SBS’s ‘Strong Heart‘, Heechul revealed in a tearful confession, “As the enlistment problem is becoming a reality, all the Super Junior members talked face to face about their futures.

When Heechul began to cry, Eunhyuk also began to show tears. Eunhyuk stated, “The important thing is that as the members become older, even becoming fathers, we can always share stories together. Even though we smile and chat a lot, there are times when we cry at home. Coming out together is even memorable“.

After the broadcast ended, Eunhyuk could not hold back his tears as it was Heechul’s last broadcast.


Heechul to release a new duet with Kim Jang Hoon in September

It’s just been revealed that Super Junior’s Kim Heechul had a meaningful recording session with legendary singer Kim Jang Hoon.

On August 31st, Kim Jang Hoon’s representative revealed, “The song that Kim Jang Hoon and Kim Heechul sang together will be released in mid-September. Kim Heechul is at the recording studio singing his part right now.

In response to the hype surrounding his last-minute recording session, Kim Heechul tweeted, “Kim Heechul Kim Jang Hoon duet. Jang Hoon hyung gave me the last present of my 20’s,” and uploaded a picture of himself posing with Kim Jang Hoon at the studio.

Meanwhile, after receiving basic training at Choongnam, Nonsan for four weeks, Kim Heechul will serve his country for 23 months of mandatory military service as a public service worker. Kim Heechul was involved in a huge car accident back in 2006, and had to have eight metal support pins inserted into his lower body. Because of this, he had to sign up for the less physically demanding public service position.

Stay tuned for more info about this exciting duet!


Super Junior will continue as an 8 membered group

Super Junior will continue to promote their music as an 8-membered group.

Following fellow member Kang In, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul has decided to enlist into the Korean military. He will be leaving for basic training at a camp in Choonam Nonsan for four weeks, starting on September 1st. Afterwards, he will embark on his official military duties for 23 months.

Super Junior put on their last “Mr. Simple” performance with Heechul on SBS’s ’Inkigayo‘, and they took home the ‘Mutizen’ award for that week. Afterwards, Heechul shared a profound tweet with his fans, saying, “To my friend JungSoo (Leeteuk’s birth name) and to all of my Super Junior members, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m sure all our fans know I’m not good at expressing my feelings, so I’ll leave you with that. I’ll be back– take care of yourselves!”

Member Choi Si Won has also temporarily ceased all activities with Super Junior, due his role in the upcoming drama, ‘Poseidon‘. It was decided that it was too difficult for him to continue promoting with the group, since his filming for the drama will takes place in areas away from the city.

Nevertheless, Super Junior will continue to put on phenomenal performances on stage, even without these two beloved members.