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SMTOWN Live in Tokyo Opening Ceremony

I love how Leeteuk makes everyone laugh!


Credit: SMTOWN


Isak confirms SMTOWN in NYC

Remember when allkpop first broke the news that SMTOWN was planning a concert in NYC? Well, the news has just been confirmed by none other than SM Entertainment’s Isak herself!

On August 28th, the singer wrote on her Twitter, “oh yea~!! not sure if im cleared to say this but oh well!! looks like SMTOWNYC is a go~! congrats!! not sure im going tho…:( ”

The line up and dates have not been confirmed yet, but they will soon, hopefully!

I just have one thing to say: They went to France and now NYC but what about inbetween? What happened to England?


Thanks SM town!

This is a video from many fans saying thanks to SM town for gooing to Paris for the concert. It is incredibly sweet, but what is sweeter is that SM did a reply video staring the artists saying ‘Thank you’ to all their fans! They even used the same song as the backing music!#

Here is the fans’ video:

Here is SM’s reply (so sweeet!):

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TVXQ!- W Korea (SMtown in Paris)

OMG! (again…)

SHINee- W Korea (SMtown in Paris)


These are not mine.

SNSD- W Korea (SMtown in Paris)

They look so pretty!

These are not mine.

Super Junior- W Korea (SMtown in Paris)


These are not mine.