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Paradise Ranch

Paradise Ranch is one of my favourite dramas. It has such a sweet story and brilliant actors and songs. Here’s the synopsis:

“Paradise Ranch” is a bright romantic drama that covers the life of a couple that were married at an early age and eventually divorced. But the couple falls in love with each other once again. Hang Dong-Joo ( Shim Chang-Min ) is the son of chaebol family. He competes with Seo Yoon-Ho ( Joo Sang-Wook ) for the love of Lee Da-Ji ( Lee Yeon-Hee ). Seo Yoon-Ho went to America with his parents as a child and now is the president of a resort. When he visits Jeju Island he meets and falls in love with Lee Da-Ji.

The Cast:

  • Shim Chang Min as Han Dong Joo
  • Lee Yeon Hee as Lee Da Ji
  • Yoo Ha Na as Park Jin Young
  • Joo Sang Wook as Seo Yoon Ho

Extended Cast

  • Chun Ho Jin as Lee Eok Soo
  • Im Soo Hyang as Lee Da Eun
  • Jang Yong as Han Suk Sang
  • Ahn Suk Hwan as Han Tae Man
  • Na Young Hee as Lee Bok Shim
  • Lee Shi Un (이시언) as Secretary Lee
  • Park Soo Hyun (박수현) as Baek In Soo
  • Lee Doo Il a Shim Soo Bong
  • Yoon Ye Hee as Kang Yang Ja
  • Choi Jong Yoon as Bang Jong Dae
  • Jung Eun Pyo as President Yang
  • Yoon Ji Min as Ji Mil Hye
  • Jo Sung Ha as Jin Young’s father
  • Shin Pyo as Ki Tae
  • Song Yoo Hyun (송유현) as Yoo Song Yi
  • Choi Soo Young as Tae Min’s secretary (cameo, ep 3)
  • Jin Tae Hyun (cameo)
  • Yoon Ye Ri



Jaejoong macros

Aww, he looks so bored!

These are not mine.

TVXQ! -> Before You Go

This is the full mv. I love it. Especially Changmin.

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Thanks SM town!

This is a video from many fans saying thanks to SM town for gooing to Paris for the concert. It is incredibly sweet, but what is sweeter is that SM did a reply video staring the artists saying ‘Thank you’ to all their fans! They even used the same song as the backing music!#

Here is the fans’ video:

Here is SM’s reply (so sweeet!):

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TVXQ!- W Korea (SMtown in Paris)

OMG! (again…)


SNSD & DBSK -> Haptic CF

SNSD and DBSK featured in a phone CF together. All of DBSK are in it, but only Tiffany, Jessica and Yoona from SNSD. In the CF, the members pair up, so Max and Jessica are together, Micky and Yoona, and Hero and Tiffany with U Know with them. Xiah is the only one by himself.

Here are the first three parts together. The fourth is by itself. Enjoy!

Parts 1, 2, 3:

Part 4:

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TVXQ! Mirotic

Here is TVXQ!’s song Mirotic. I love this, especially Changmin’s part.

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Changmin macro

Changmin is so cute when confused!