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SMTOWN Live in Tokyo Opening Ceremony

I love how Leeteuk makes everyone laugh!


Credit: SMTOWN


Isak confirms SMTOWN in NYC

Remember when allkpop first broke the news that SMTOWN was planning a concert in NYC? Well, the news has just been confirmed by none other than SM Entertainment’s Isak herself!

On August 28th, the singer wrote on her Twitter, “oh yea~!! not sure if im cleared to say this but oh well!! looks like SMTOWNYC is a go~! congrats!! not sure im going tho…:( ”

The line up and dates have not been confirmed yet, but they will soon, hopefully!

I just have one thing to say: They went to France and now NYC but what about inbetween? What happened to England?


SHINee -> Replay

I know I say this a lot, but I love this!

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Chicken Macro

I love this, he probably dreams of chicken all the time…

This is not mine.

T.O.P chicken macro

I laughed so much when I found this!

This is not mine.

Thanks SM town!

This is a video from many fans saying thanks to SM town for gooing to Paris for the concert. It is incredibly sweet, but what is sweeter is that SM did a reply video staring the artists saying ‘Thank you’ to all their fans! They even used the same song as the backing music!#

Here is the fans’ video:

Here is SM’s reply (so sweeet!):

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SHINee- W Korea (SMtown in Paris)


These are not mine.


SHINee chicken!

I’ve finally found SHINee macros involving chicken! Enjoy!

None of these are mine.

What’s Eunhyuk implying?

No really, what is Eunhyuk thinking? Poor Taemin…

This is not mine.