New Female Duo ‘Elizabeth’ Releases Debut MV ‘PPAPPA PIERROT’

A new female duo dreaming of becoming Korea’s Lady Gaga have just made their debut with their first digital single, “PPAPPA PIERROT“!

Named ‘Elizabeth‘, the duo is comprised of members ‘ZENI.KIM‘ and ‘S. Cat‘. Their debut single is the work of Jung Chang Wook and Ham Seung Hyo, who’ve collaborated on a number of hits for f(x) and K-Will. With an electronic sound and modern beats, the song carries a hint of British pop that sounds it like came straight out of a trendy club.

Their music video was also directed by Seol Jun Oh and features some unique scenes that definitely seem to describe the eclectic style the girls are going for. Check it out below!

Here are the profiles of Elizabeth:

Name: Kim Young Joo
Birthdate: October 18, 1989
Height/Weight: 160 cm / 44 kg
Specialty: Singing, voice imitations
Hobby: Playing the guitar
Favorite singer: Whitney Houston

Name: Myung Jung Ah
Birthdate: June 29th, 1988
Height/Weight: 164 cm / 45 kg
Specialty: Traditional Korean dance, dance
Hobby: Watching movies, taking sel-cas, practicing acting
Favorite singer: Lady Gaga, Beyonce

Source and Photos: Daum Music


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After being told about it, I have never stopped loving K-pop, especially Super Junior and CNBLUE and KAT-TUN! I also love mangas and taking photos with my camera!

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  1. I see they’ve chosen the 2 most docile snakes, a corn and a ball python 🙂

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