JYJ’s Jaejoong Misses TVXQ! Members

Recently, JYJ’s Jaejoong updated his Twitter with a post that is causing quite the commotion amongst fans of both JYJ and TVXQ.

He wrote,

“I don’t know if I should be saying this… I miss Yunho and Changmin… No matter what anyone says, they’re our members and I know them better than anyone else… People might say it’s pointless in saying this but… I want to see them again. It’s been a while.”

Jaejoong also tweeted the following:

“Junsu always wakes up before the members and gets his hair and make up done before the tired members. He has always been like that for the past eight years. It’s his sincerity that has allowed us to exist, and I hope to learn from him as a friend and co-worker.

There’s a lot to learn from him in a lifetime.”

“Yoochun is always in the middle. He stands in the middle of the members and watches over everyone, which is why we never have any time to feel that we’re alone. He’s one of the most spirited members and he shares that spirit with us so that we feel comfort during difficult times.”

“I have to do better.. That’s what our Junsu and Yoochun make me think. They’re greedy, hoo hoot!”

[Thanks to everyone for the tip!]

Source: Twitter



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After being told about it, I have never stopped loving K-pop, especially Super Junior and CNBLUE and KAT-TUN! I also love mangas and taking photos with my camera!

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  1. somehow it makes my tears flow

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