Victoria and Nichkhun on ‘We Got Married’


The popular ‘We Got Married‘ Khuntoria couple, (Victoria and Nichkhun) seem to have a closer relationship than most, as they’ve been a lot more affectionate with each other on the show. On a recent episode that aired on the 23rd, the two had breakfast together at their house for the first time in awhile.

Victoria went to wake up a sleepy Nichkhun, but he continued to roll around in bed until he finally put his head on her lap. Victoria seemed comfortable, as her natural reaction was to lovingly stroke his hair.

The ‘We got Married’ couple was rumored to have a stagnant “marriage”, but Nichkhun denied such rumors and proved to viewers that they were still in their honeymoon stage by being more physically intimate with his on-air wife.


After Nichkhun’s head on Victoria’s lap, Nichkhun embraced Victoria with a big hug. Their touchy-feely actions continued as they made their way into the kitchen.

Victoria began preparing breakfast in the kitchen, when Nichkhun embraced her from behind and sweetly whispered in her ear, “Honey, be careful…“, to which Victoria responded, “Yes, dear.”


As the show’s MC panel watched the episode via VTR from the studio, they expressed their jealousy and made playful comments such as, “Do they need to go that far?”

Netizens responded to the episode by saying their affection towards each other seems so natural, the two look good together, and they speculate they may actually be dating off the air.

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